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Remembering You Are Spirit – Free Will – Other Lifetimes – Reason for Poverty

This post is inspired by a comment from Tracy on a post we published in April 2013, which was before we made recordings of sessions with The Council available. That post answered one of four interesting questions from a reader named Jose about why we fail to remember who we are as spiritual beings in our physical life.

Tracy asks a few questions beginning with, “What if we don’t succeed on any level?” And ending with a comment about seeing the mistakes we’ve made, “but have no power left to sort it out, and already feel dead.”

As we re-read the post Tracy commented on, we decided to make a recording of it available in this post in the hope it might be helpful to Tracy and other readers, at least until we can publish a post to answer Tracy’s questions. While the earlier post answers only one of Jose’s questions, the following recording has The Council’s answers to all four of Jose’s questions. In case you’re interested, here are the five posts we published back in 2013 to answer these questions.

  1. Every Question Is Important
  2. Why Do People Appear Unable to Fulfill a Spiritual Intention to Have Fun and Remember Who We Are?
  3. Does Spirit’s Pre-Birth Planning Negate Human Free Will?
  4. Future Lives, Connecting with Famous ‘Dead’ People, & the Importance of the Present
  5. What Is Spirit Up To?

Thank you for your questions and comments, Tracy. We’ll do our best to get The Council’s answers and publish a recording of the session in the near future. In the meantime we hope our readers will listen to the following recording of our session which prompted those questions and let us know what you think.

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  1. Thank you both sooooo much, can’t wait to hear from The Council!

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    Comment by Jose | March 2, 2016

  2. Hi, Jose. Good to hear from you. Thank you for sharing about your physical problems. It sounds trying. As soon as we have a chance we’ll ask The Council for their insights into your situation. Maybe they can offer some advice you haven’t thought of. Hang in there. We’ll publish a post on our session with The Council as soon as it’s ready.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | March 2, 2016

  3. Thank you Bob, Cynthia and The Council for reminding me of these answers. Illness has befallen me for the past 5 months and Dr.’s are yet to diagnose my gastrointestinal maladies despite every available medical test. I’ve thrown everything at it, from traditional western medicine to alternative treatments I would have never thought of just before this all started.

    Ever since I became ill I knew it was “mental”, as a result of all my professional “stress” and thus understood that there were lessons to learn from this experience. I have realized many things from this, yet I can’t take it anymore and nothing seems to ease my chronic pain, thus the ensuing anxiety and depression.

    I have surrendered to Spirit/Universe thus trusting on this sickness’ higher purpose, yet I am ready for this to end, but don’t know how to. The Council says “I have a choice to end this” and as much as my heart and soul want this to end yesterday, nothing I choose to do is ending this nightmare for me. Why doesn’t spirit tell me what is the lesson I am missing, why so much time?

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    Comment by Jose | February 28, 2016

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