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Having More Positive Thoughts After My Abortion?

This post is inspired by a follow-up question from a reader named Michelle, who was advised by The Council to think better feeling thoughts after she terminated a pregnancy and she’s asking for help with this.

The Council advises Michelle to concentrate on who she is as a spiritual being and to think about the direction she’d like her life to go in right now. They ask if she feels secure about not having any more children, which they feel is a decision made by Michelle’s husband.

The Council advises Michelle not to feel guilty because she had an abortion. This abortion was pre-planned in spirit by her and the soul of the child she aborted, and she and the child have fulfilled what they wished to experience.

The Council asks what Michelle has learned from this abortion. Does she wish to get pregnant again and have another child? They tell Michelle only she can make this decision.

The Council says the aborted pregnancy was a wake up call for Michelle to take control of what she wants and not do what other people want her to do. It’s about changing her path and waking up to what she wants in her life. This is how her higher self planned to bring her to this point and then move her forward.

The Council advises Michelle to every now and then gently bring up the idea with her husband that the thought of having another child makes her feel happy. How she speaks about this can make her husband more open to having another child. The Council also recommends doing the inner work of seeing things the way she wants them to be and imagine it’s already happening, because it is happening in another reality. They advise Michelle to bring this reality to her with her thoughts and feelings.

The Council advises Michelle to let go of any guilty feeling about terminating her earlier pregnancy. As she stays in the vibration of guilt and sadness she cannot create the joy she wants. They say to go into the vibration of joy by thinking of good memories and fantasizing a very happy future. As she feels her mood begin to feel more positive, that’s when she’s able to create what she wants.

The Council says Michelle’s husband is possibly influenced not to have another child by his elderly mother living with them and perhaps when his mother passes, his mind would begin to change.

The Council says the soul of Michelle’s aborted child would like to see Michelle change her life and begin to think about what she would like her life to be like going forward. This is the reason for the abortion.

Listen to our entire 10-minute session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Michelle and the rest of us, and let us know what you think.

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  1. Hello council, this is Miyam. I’ve asked a question previously about an unplanned pregnancy and how I discovered I was pregnant so late in the term I had to go forward with an abortion.

    I had relations with a man that isn’t very in tune with himself, not loving, and doesn’t really have a heart for a child or having a family. We live in a very unhealthy environment. I didn’t discover these characteristics till it was too late.

    He made several mistakes in my last pregnancy and I gave the baby up for adoption because I wasn’t ready and neither was he. I couldn’t move away because I had just lost my home and he is all I have; no support from family and I don’t have friends due to my self esteem and thinking about how people might judge me for my decision to do an adoption.

    So since I found I was pregnant and looking at the dysfunctional environment I am currently in, my only choice was adoption. Now that I’ve gone through with it, I feel guilty and very embarrassed and ashamed about it because I feel like I failed in life.
    There is this negative outlook on pregnancy when the mother isn’t able to raise the child; there is even a negative outlook in society about abortion. There are unplanned pregnancies all the time, but there are still people in society that don’t understand that.

    So I thought a lot about why would my spirit self plan this to happen multiple times. Why would I allow myself to have this unfortunate event happen to me and have no control over it once the deed is done? I looked at my baby and fell in love, but knew I couldn’t provide the full capacity of love and nurturing that she would need.

    Me and the baby father are broken people and I beat myself about how I was strong enough to stay abstinent from having sex and allowing myself to get pregnant. I don’t really know how to move forward. Sometimes I want to give up on life. Then sometimes I think maybe I was meant to be the portal to allow these children to come into this reality to experience what they have pre-planned. I just don’t get it. Was this meant to be? Did I make the right decision? My heart hurts and every time I see babies and hear something about Mothers Day. I begin to cry or try to stop myself from being emotional about.

    Its open adoptions but its still in the back of my mind that I have children that I don’t raise myself because of a stupid decision I made. Did I have this pre-planned to go through this? And if I did, why would I pick the saddest event a mother could go through. If I would have kept them, I could see the damage that could affect them.

    I’ve been through a lot as a child, raised by a mental disordered single Mom and I had to step up and help raise my siblings. It was an okay childhood, but it really affected me as I grew up into a adult.

    It scares me to know a man can’t help and why I chose a man like that, I didn’t know this man would be like that until it was already too late and the fact that I have a connection with him through the children makes me want to hang on for possibilities, but now this time I know its time for me to let go of him and move on. But I just need a better understanding on why this all happened and why the most logical decision I had for the children was adoption. Thank the council in advance for some enlightenment on this touchy matter.

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    Comment by miyagi | May 6, 2017

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