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Son’s Anger Issues Related to Lifetime in Ancient Rome

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named Lavender, who has an 8 year old boy with anger issues and she wonders why. The Council says this boy is hurting very deeply inside and at this point he doesn’t know how to feel love. He has a lot of mistrust and believes he must be alone.

The Council says your son is deeply affected by a lifetime in ancient Rome and he’s got a lot to heal from this lifetime. He was a slave who was taken to the arena where gladiators fought and was picked to be in charge of other slaves. This gave him safety, but turned the slaves he was friendly with against him.

He carries a lot of guilt from this Roman lifetime that he’s going to try and work out in his current lifetime. Your son has an authority problem in his current lifetime related to the lifetime in Rome, he has difficulty following orders, and he doesn’t like being told what to do.

The way you ask your son to do things will either create anger or give him understanding. Explain why, when you ask him to do the littlest thing and thank him for being a helpful part of your family. He needs to know he’s included and not alone. In his current lifetime he wants to know he can survive by being himself and being part of a family.

Lavender feels guilty for having this son when she was young and The Council says there is no use for this guilt. She needs to take part in helping her son heal the issues he’s brought into this lifetime.

Lavender asks The Council for advice on how to guide her son and The Council says their pre-birth agreement was that she would give him confidence and accept him no matter how he behaves in the moment. He needs an explanation how some of his behavior upsets her and why. And follow these explanations with reminders of the good he does.

Lavender says she recognizes in her son the same internal struggles she went through growing up. She is also resistant to authority figures. The Council suggests she explain to her son that she also doesn’t like to be told what to do. Maybe you can work on this together and bond over it. With understanding his mind will open, acceptance of how different things can be will begin to flood in, and clarity will come.

Lavender says she’s tried to teach her son things like the law of attraction, self empowerment, chakras, and meditation, and she says from this he became an elaborate storyteller. The Council says children have a great ability to astral project, remember their dreams, and travel to different dimensions. In your son’s case these stories aren’t made up. He is very psychic and intuitive and these are important tools for him as he grows.

The Council says many times your son is able to see from his third eye and he imagines other people can also do this. Encourage your son to talk to you about what he’s seeing and you’ll be surprised how he changes.

Treat your son with kindness, understanding, and love. Explain everything that’s asked of him. Explain when things annoy you and how you think about it and change it. Let him know how you want to teach him why he and everyone else is  here: to handle whatever challenges he faces, to acknowledge them, to work on them, and to turn them around with love.

Listen to our entire 18-minute session with The Council to hear all their guidance for Lavender and the rest of us, and let us know how you feel about it.

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  1. When my intuitive senses opened it bothered me how much my mother worried about psychic accounts or demonic possessions. This is why I don’t tell her much anymore, though we’ve worked it out. Maybe he just doesn’t want to worry you about it ?

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    Comment by wanwu spirit library | March 20, 2018

  2. Wow!!

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    Comment by wanwu spirit library | March 20, 2018

  3. I suppose that it could be the mistrust he carries from the past life in Rome. Maybe getting close to me became uncomfortable and he chose to pull back. Also, for the sake of it, I’ll add that I didn’t just send him to a psychiatrist because he said he saw colors or had interesting dreams. For a time there was talk of glowing eyes and he is terrified to be alone in any room. At certain points he has mentioned someone telling him to do bad things. I’ve been very careful about it all, and the psychiatrist agreed that some of that was just him attempting to get attention or to say whatever he can to not accept the blame. Still, in light of his past life, all of that behavior makes so much more sense.

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    Comment by Ashley | March 20, 2018

  4. Thank you so much for the insight. Truly, nothing has resonated more, and believe me I’ve asked for and been given plenty of advice on all of this. I think the understanding of his past life is the game changer for me, as his guiding figure. I would like to clarify though, that when my son presented me with possible psychic abilities I did nurture it, as cautiously as I could, and responsibly, making sure there wasn’t any mental illness going on, or eye issues, tumors, etc. Once I felt confident that he was sane and healthy, I didn’t lead him on, but gathered the information he would give me and just sit in astonishment! I did truly believe him and I tried to bond with him and asked with much interest. Then he started talking about it less and less and when I’d inquire if he’d had more experiences, he eventually told me that he had made it all up. Then I told him that was disappointing and that I even felt silly because I had believed him, and still do believe that those types of things are possible! Maybe he is afraid to tell me the truth for some other reason?

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    Comment by Lavender | March 20, 2018

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