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Spiritual Guidance for a Difficult Relationship

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Gabriela, who says The Council told her in a post over a year ago that she and lover of hers from a past life named, Lara, agreed to have a friendship in their current lifetime.

Question #1

If that’s true, why does Laura treat me poorly and wants nothing to do with me?

The Council says the greatest power you have in your physical life is choice. Even if Gabriela and Lara made an agreement to come into this life and be friends, the situations they created with each other has put Lara in a position where she feels uncomfortable with this friendship. Even though the two of them had a pre-planned spiritual agreement, Lara still has the choice to follow or not follow that agreement. And The Council adds if Gabriela and Lara don’t heal what they intended in this agreement in their current lifetime, they will choose to heal it in another lifetime.

The Council advises Gabriela to accept everyone the way they are. All signs indicate Lara has no interest in a friendship with Gabriela because Lara doesn’t feel comfortable with this and there’s something missing from this relationship for Lara to take it further. Did Gabriela want a relationship so badly that she pushed for it, and that reminds Lara of how Gabriela mistreated her in the past life they shared?

The best thing Gabriela can do is think loving thoughts for Lara. When you send the vibration of love to anyone, they must change how they feel about you. Even if Gabriela doesn’t have a romantic relationship with Lara, there can be a softening to the point where a friendship is available.

Question #2

Gabriela asks, if souls are so enlightened, why hasn’t Lara’s soul forgiven me for how I treated her in the previous lifetime and given me another chance for a relationship, if Lara’s soul knows I need this relationship in order to move on?

The Council says Gabriela doesn’t understand that her and Lara’s soul have already forgiven each other, but the circumstances Gabriela has created in this lifetime in relationship to Lara doesn’t allow what she wants to accomplish to happen. A soul can give you clues to what you want to create, but your soul can’t change your life for you. On a human level, what Gabriela has continued to create between herself and Lara is causing Lara to be uncomfortable. You can’t blame the soul for what the human chooses. With the soul there’s always love and forgiveness, but the soul cannot step in and change your human choices.

Question #3

Gabriela asks, why does it seem like my guides are punishing me for what I’ve done to Lara in the previous life?

The Council says Gabriela’s guides aren’t punishing her. Both she and Lara have the ability to choose what they wish to create in this lifetime. Gabriela is angry because things aren’t turning out the way she wanted. There will always be love between the two of them in spirit. The more loving thoughts Gabriela can send Lara and wish their life had gone in the direction of their agreed relationship, the more Gabriela will be able to forgive herself and Lara, and the more she’ll be able to create better feeling experiences moving forward.

The way Gabriela is thinking, feeling, and focusing now, she’s bringing herself more depression, more unhappiness, and more undesired experiences. Because she’s in the vibration of anger, disappointment, and blaming, she’ll only attract more of that to herself. When you’re in a lower vibration you can’t bring better experiences, understanding, and love to yourself.

You are the creator of your life, not your guides, but your guides are there to help you. Ask for help from them, but not from a place of blaming. Ask from a place of being lost, depressed, and confused. This is a better place to come from than the place where you think no one is helping you and you blame everyone for not stepping in and changing your path and Lara’s path.

Your feelings are your magnets; what you feel, you’ll bring to you. You’ll draw in what you’re focusing on and what you’re feeling.

Question #4

Gabriela asks, why was my path in this lifetime changed, and why do I feel it was against my wishes?

The Council says Gabriela’s path was never changed against her wishes. The only one who changed her path is herself, by her feelings and your focus.

Gabriela says she feels like she’s a hostage to her spirit guide’s plans.

The Council says her spirit guides know what she wants to create, but they cannot create it for her. She must take responsibility for her life and for her choices. If she can get in the vibration of hope and knowing she’ll have a chance to work out some sort of relationship with Lara. So far, her life is not going in that direction.

Suppose Gabriela frees herself from her anger and the negative thoughts, and she forgives Lara and herself and she wants to have a better life. She doesn’t have to focus in great detail. Only focus on the thought that there’s happiness there for her. If Gabriela can do that, her relationship with Lara can still change. She has to do the inner work to bring in this happiness.

Question #5

Gabriela says she’s been asking every day for her guides to allow her to die. She says even if there’s another lover for her, which she doesn’t believe because no one has ever expressed interest in her.

The Council says Gabriela can’t find someone to express interest in her when she’s in the vibration of leaving this lifetime. Ending this life will only bring another life where she has to return to where she is in her current life, and still learn how to change what she’s experiencing into something she desires more. Dying doesn’t release you from what you want to create. She’ll create it again in another lifetime until she gets to the point where she’s able to free herself from whatever is going on with Lara.

You are the creator. You must learn to take responsibility for what you’re creating. If you don’t like what you’ve created so far, you have the power to change it.

The Council is convinced if Gabriela is able to find the love and happiness within herself and in her mind offer this to Lara, there is the possibility of some sort of relationship developing. Even if this relationship is not a romantic one, there can be a friendship.

Whether or not Gabriela is able to take The Council’s advice, we hope our readers can benefit from The Council’s guidance. The Council says it’s for all of us in our human reality. For those people who are sad, follow this advice. The Council guarantees you will change your life and create what you want.

Listen to the entire 25-minute audio recording of our session with The Council to hear all their guidance for Gabriela and the rest of us. We realize this session is longer than other recent sessions, but there’s important guidance in the recording we haven’t included in the the written post. Let us know how you feel about this session.

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  1. Bob and Cynthia, thank you for the kindness of asking the Council all the questions. I didn’t mean to ask so many but I guess there’s too much confusion in my mind these days. I don’t think I can forgive Lara (at this moment) for not following the agreement. As much as I understand that there is free will, I really believe that we have moral and ethical commitments to other souls if we choose to do agreements. In my case particularly, her choice has impacted my life tremendously, and placed a burden on me that I will have to deal with (and to be honest I am not even sure how I will do it or if I even am strong enough to do so). I had very traumatic experiences while growing up and I always looked forward to this relationship (I knew I was part of an agreement, and I knew some stuff about Lara since I was a child) as a mean to keep me going. It gave me so much hope, knowing that one day I could find this solace. Having gone through all I did, and have Lara screw me over (it isn’t just that she rejected me, it is also how she did it), really destroyed the foundation of my existence. As I mentioned before I am asexual, struggle with severe mental health issues due to trauma, have no family, friends don’t live nearby, and of course, my dream was to have a relationship exactly like the one I could have had with her, including sexual interest (she was the only one I ever felt that for). While it is good to be hopeful, I am not too sold on the idea that somehow if I just feel well, that someone else will pop up and things will be fine… not only the person I am makes it harder to find a partner, but also I don’t feel attracted to people as well (sexually at least). After feeling desire for her, I feel that a sexless relationship would be very unfulfilling, but I can’t change my asexuality so I would have to accept less than I planned to have before I reincarnated. It seems to me that her “change of mind” (although I do prefer to call it cowardice) forced me to change my life path (which I, as a human, did not want!!), and it might even mean that love for me will be having good friends but not a partner. I don’t think that living a life like that is worth living at all and therefore, yes, I do question the Council when they say it is all ok on the spirit realm (this is more a philosophical question, not for the Council). Maybe it didn’t affect my soul’s plan for what I wanted to learn, but it definitely made my human existence completely miserable and that is not acceptable in my opinion. In order for her to have the life she wanted, she threw mine under the bus.

    Thanks again


    Comment by Gabriela | June 25, 2018

  2. Good questions, Juan. We’ll ask The Council when we have a chance and post an audio recording of their response when it’s ready. Love and light, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | June 13, 2018

    If the Spirit is the basis of existense,
    and the material world a testing and proving ground,
    then what is the human body?
    Is it just a vehicle for the spirit?
    What is the material body without a spirit?
    Is the spiritless body just a souless zombie?
    Can the body exist without a spirit?
    When does the spirit occupy the body?

    Liked by 2 people

    Comment by Juan ramirez | June 13, 2018

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