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Isn’t a Baby’s Sex Determined at the Moment of Conception?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Gina, which she had after reading our post, Are All Abortions Pre-Planned in Spirit Before Birth? In that post The Council says the sex of the fetus is sometimes determined way before the woman becomes pregnant and sometimes the sex of the fetus isn’t determined until the end of the pregnancy. Gina says the sex of the baby is determined at the moment of conception and can’t change, and she wants to know what The Council has to say about this.

The Council says Gina is offering the scientific explanation for determining the sex of a fetus, but spirit is greater than science. Spirit has the ability to change anything. If for some reason the spirit of the parents or the spirit of the fetus decides to change the sex of the fetus, the sex of the fetus will change. How will it change? Spirit will wipe out any memory of the fetus being a girl (for example) and all you’ll know is now the fetus is a boy. This is how powerful spirit is. Spirit will create a new life that’s going in the direction it wants.

Gina says if the father contributes an X chromosome the fetus will be female and if the father contributes a Y chromosome the fetus will be a boy, but The Council says spirit is able to change this and as human beings you’d have no memory of the change.

The Council says every abortion is pre-planned. Some abortions are pre-planned before the woman gets pregnant and some abortions are pre-planed to be open-ended to see where your life is after the woman becomes pregnant. Gina asks if her abortion was pre-planned before she became pregnant, or did she make the decision to abort after she became pregnant. The Council says Gina agreed to have an abortion before she became pregnant. You and your fetus both wanted to have the experience of the abortion. You both did exactly what was needed. There was no error here.

Gina asks where the soul of her aborted fetus is now and will it come back to her in a future pregnancy. The Council says at this moment the spirit of the fetus is creating more lifetimes. It hasn’t decided whether it wants to come back right away or wait for a while before it comes back, but this spirit is in pure bliss and love.

Gina asks what she can do to stop suffering over her abortion. She never thought it would be so emotionally painful and she’s scared she’ll never stop suffering and will always feel guilty. The Council says you’re suffering because of the way you think about your abortion and you are focused on suffering. You need to turn the direction of your thoughts to the idea that the two of you agreed in spirit to go through that abortion together. You didn’t fail. Your abortion went according to the way you and the fetus planned it. The Council advises you to wish the spirit of the aborted fetus luck, love, and happiness. Take the direction of your life and instead of focusing on the loss, focus on how you planned for the abortion to be the way it was.

Thank the spirit of the fetus and thank yourself for the abortion and now start thinking about what you want. Go forward with your life. Stop focusing on suffering and loss. The abortion is exactly what you wanted. Now that you’ve accomplished that, ask yourself what else you want. Take your thoughts and your focus and begin to look in the direction of where you want your life to go.

Listen to the entire 7-minute audio recording of our session with The Council to hear all their guidance for Gina and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it, or ask The Council your own question.

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  1. Hi Gina, just a kindred spirit that understands your pain. My abortion tore my world apart. The lesson I’ve been able to process from it all is that we should listen to ourselves above everyone else, above media, politicians, partners, family or even psychics.

    I bet somewhere deep down you knew that your heart would have been open to the love and the journey and that was your intuition.

    I struggle immensely with the guilt too. Hindsight is very clear for me. I have changed so much from the pain. I listen to my heart so much more now. I honor my unborn child that way and I will always hold myself accountable for the mistake, but accountable in the way that says, never again will I allow myself to be misled or silence MY TRUTH.

    I hope this helps. Brene Brown says “GRACE means that all of your mistakes now serve a purpose instead of serving shame.” On tough days this one helps.

    You are STRONG AND BRAVE to admit you made a MISTAKE and integrate the subsequent feelings from it. That is doing THE WORK and it’s not for the faint of heart.

    Much love to you, Gina.


    Comment by Unearthing the Bridge | February 3, 2021

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