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What is the Spiritual Purpose of COVID-19?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Kristi, who asks if COVID-19 (the coronavirus) was man-made or altered by humans? The Council says it was man-made because you’ve all agreed to create this virus. We’ll find out eventually there was a man-made slip-up that created this. Even though it was a slip-up it was all part of everyone’s planning in spirit. More of this will come to light. There will be many stories, but there was a lot of experimentation and this happened.

Kristi says if it was man-made, what is the agenda and the parties involved? The Council says there was no agenda. It’s something that was created by everyone’s agreement it would happen this way. Medical scientists were involved.

Bob asked The Council if they could say what country was involved in the slip-up. The Council says if we went into this it would create more chaos right now. What will be helpful is after there’s discussion and more information becomes available, we can let you know if this information is true.

The not knowing at this time, the talk about who created this, why was it created, was there an agenda – this was part of the spiritual plan to cause a lot of chaos, mistrust, and violence. It was created to take everyone down this path for a while.

Kristi asks what is the spiritual lesson of COVID-19? The Council says before this virus was created, things had become difficult in your reality. People had become more negative. There are many light-holders in this reality that want the best for everyone, that are positive, that pray, that meditate, but as you can see as you look at the past several years, things have been changing. It’s becoming clear there’s more violence. COVID-19 was created to stop everything so everyone could go inward and start thinking about their lives and start looking at what’s going on.

This virus has caused more rioting, more looting, and more hatred, but it’s also forcing everyone to stay put. There’s no busy life to run to. Go inward. What do you want in this life? How do you want to see this reality as it moves forward? Many lost track of how to create and just let whatever happened happen. You forgot you are all great creators.

There’s no need for negativity. The purpose of coming to Earth at this time was to bring love from the spirit world into this world. There will be a lot of upheaval until things are balanced and more light comes into the world and more goodness is apparent.

Many people think how wonderful the old days were. How families were closer and did things together. There was more loyalty in the workforce. The government was more understanding and listened instead of going on their own paths. Many things will be thought of now because there’s this downtime. It’s forcing you to ask yourself: Who am I? What am I doing to help make this situation better? What do I want?

Let me appreciate everyone around me. Let me show compassion. Let me see how millions of people will suffer through this virus, whether they fight this disease, whether they die, or whether they are one of the many workers who are exhausted. People will start to feel appreciation for others who are out front holding the line, trying to make things better, and risking themselves to help strangers get through this. That is compassion. That’s why you’re here. To feel for one another. To help one another. That’s why this virus is going on right now. It’s the downtime, it’s the going inward, it’s the finding what you want, feeling your strength, and then creating with your mind by simply thinking over and over again how you’d like this life to be.

Kristi asks if we’re being lied to by our government or health officials, and why? The Council says many of the government and health agencies are afraid to take responsibility for what’s happened. Many of these agencies feel it’s better not to let the whole story out so that the people in our reality don’t panic. There’s what you’d call a great cover-up, but many people are doing this thinking it’s a good thing not to add more chaos to the situation. By telling everyone they feel it will bring more negativity into this reality, more hatred, more panic, and more rioting.

And people will look for someone to blame. Who’s responsible? The Council says we’re all responsible. You brought this virus in if this reality wasn’t going towards being more positive and more loving. You all agreed to let this virus in to stop this negativity.

Lastly Kristi asks if things will return to normal or will things get worse in the near future? The Council says things will return to normal. When this happens is up to everyone in this reality. You are the creators. It can happen quickly or it can take a long time. Will things swing back to being more loving, more caring, and more compassionate for one another? Will things become more peaceful? We can definitely say, yes.

Do what you can to get in touch with who you are as a spiritual being. Pray, meditate, think good thoughts, and pay attention to what makes you feel good and stay with that feeling. This will put you on the path faster.

Know that your greatest tool coming into this reality is choice. It’s your choice to think negatively, to think positively, to blame, and to hate people. Or to think this has happened. How can we change it? These are your choices and they are important tools. Know who you are and why you’re here. You’re more than your physical body. You have the choice of what you think and how you react to one another. And when you become aware everyone is spirit and you all worked very hard and planned a long time for this virus to happen, you can turn this situation around.

Listen to the entire 13-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Kristi and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it, or ask your own question.

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Please Guide Me in My Relationship with a Friend

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Maria, who has questions about her best friend, Carla, who’s been very magnetic and radiant lately and she’s also in a committed relationship. I’m deeply grateful for my relationship with Carla, but sometimes I feel tired or scared.

The Council says the reason you’re tired is your higher self is trying to show you what you’ve planned in your current life, and it’s not to be in a committed relationship with Carla. The strong feelings you have come from many of the other lifetimes the two of you have shared.

You planned in spirit for there to be some question about whether you’d meet up with Carla in your current life. You both wanted to see where you were at and if you could meet each other and have a different relationship where you were friendly, but not very close. You wanted to be independent, to experience a friendly relationship, but not a committed relationship. You planned to have a relationship for a while and then the two of you would move in different directions.

From what The Council sees, you’re stuck in feelings from past lifetimes where there was magnetism and a committed relationship between you and Carla and where there was great love. But this isn’t what you planned for your current life.

Maria says Carla’s magnetism has been pulling me recently, like there’s too much energy. The Council says the magnetism you’re talking about isn’t coming from Carla. It’s you being pulled toward Carla because of the energy around you that you’ve brought in from past lives. It was your desire not to be drawn into this energy. These feelings are all coming from within you.

It’ll take lots of meditation, or prayer, or focus, and the understanding that what you feel is what you brought into your current life. It’s your desire to go on another path to meet other people and have a different life away from Carla.

The Council says during the COVID-19 pandemic it’s a time for you and everyone else in this reality to go into oneself, to examine oneself, and move forward in the direction that brings happiness and joy.

The Council says you don’t need to dwell on what you’ve had in your past with Carla. You need to acknowledge that you’ve planned this path to meet and then go your separate ways. You need to learn from each other in a short period of time to have that familiar feeling of love and caring and then find this feeling within yourself. And you need to move independently to find a path that will take you in this different direction.

When you fight the willingness to go your own way, or you don’t have the quiet time to listen to your spirit, it will drain your energy. As your energy is drained your higher self sends you more of the feelings from the past lives to try and wake you up to what you originally wanted. You wanted the strength to get close to Carla and then move away.

Relax and begin to focus on a career you’d enjoy, living where you enjoy the environment, and begin to look for things that make you feel better. Read about spirits and about past lives. The simplest are the Emmanuel books by Pat Rodegast. These will give you a sense of connection and then you’ll be guided from there.

Maybe have a past life reading. Meditate for 10 minutes a day. Tell yourself that you understand where these uncomfortable feelings are coming from. You’ve created much more for yourself. Move forward in the direction of what you’ve created. This will begin to help.

Listen to the entire 8-minute audio recording of our session with The Council to hear all their guidance for Maria and the rest of us, or ask your own question.

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The Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) From a Spiritual Perspective

Most of our posts offer advice and guidance from our spirit guides, The Council, on reader questions, but for this post The Council wanted to discuss the coronavirus disease because it’s on a lot of our minds and there’s so much fear and panic around it. The Council began our session by stating this fear and panic is not what this virus is about.

The Council says the main purpose of every soul on Earth is to bring the love that exists in spirit into our Earthly reality. Even though they’ve been telling us for many years that humans are very powerful creators that can create anything we desire when we focus on it, imagine it, and feel it, we don’t all believe that. So it was decided that different things like earthquakes and storms would happen on a global scale to try and wake up our individual souls and get them to help each other get to a better vibration. And this continued on a larger and larger scale.

The coronavirus has appeared in our reality and the way we can reduce the effect of it isn’t through fear, panic, and hoarding supplies. You reduce the effect of this virus by staying in the vibration of love. It’s everyone’s job to stay calm and lift your energy. How can you do this?

  1. Have good thoughts
  2. Have faith
  3. Pray
  4. Meditate
  5. See light around yourself, your home, and the planet
  6. Imagine beautiful light coming in bringing peace and love
  7. Think we are all here as souls to heal this planet
  8. Pull your mind away from fear
  9. Know you have the power to change the effects of this virus

When you’re home play games with your children and yourselves, read good books, watch positive TV programs, eat healthy foods. Play, laugh, and get out of the vibration of fear. Bring in beautiful light around this planet and think about how we can all change the effect of this virus. Every soul on Earth has chosen to be here at this time for this purpose. We can get through this virus quickly if everyone changes the focus of their thoughts to more loving ones.

Since we’ve all agreed in spirit to participate in this time with this virus, somewhere in your subconscious your soul knows about this situation. As you try the littlest bit to think more positive thoughts, things will begin to change. As you change your focus you’ll begin to see small things coming together and getting better by being helpful to each other. You’ll begin to feel how in control of this situation you really are. With all of us agreeing to this and focusing on love, happiness, joking, and playing, the whole planet will begin to change. Eventually there will be less disease of any kind, less cruelty, and fewer crimes. All of us wanted this huge jump in our reality and that’s why the virus is going on right now.

The purpose of staying away from crowds is to give you quiet time on your own in your homes to pray, to meditate, to think positive thoughts about how this virus will change. You must have the faith, the prayers, and the meditation time to raise your vibration. You have to be more positive. And as people change for the better you’ll all control how quickly the virus will recede.

The is no failure in facing this virus. There’s only the question of whether we’ll bring in as much love as we thought we would when we were in spirit. Death isn’t needed to change what’s going on right now. Come together in unity and love and the situation will change. Know your tools are your thoughts, your feelings, and your imagination. It’s your choice whether you focus these tools on wellness or on fear.

Don’t let the promise of a future vaccination for this virus take away from focusing on more loving thoughts, on unity, and helping each other. Shop reasonably. It’s good to be prepared, but to take massive supplies where you know you’re taking away from others is wrong thinking.

The shutting down of public places is good because it’ll give you more time to be home and visualize, pray, imagine, and feel the happiness of when the threat of this virus has passed. Be grateful for this feeling. And the more you can feel this the more quickly you’ll bring this in.

This virus has been on Earth before. It’s a stronger strain and we’ve created it to be stronger so we have to do the work to overcome it. We have to do the work of seeing how powerful we are. This is what we all wanted before we came into this reality. If we begin this work of knowing there’s a great power we are part of, the virus situation will change for the better. Come away from panic and fear. It doesn’t matter how we created the virus. What matters is why we created it, which was to take the higher vibration of love and bring it into this planet by loving and helping each other and raising our own vibrations.

The Council closes by reminding us all to practice raising our vibration. And they remind us that everyone in spirit is sending great love and strength to all of us who are courageous enough to be on this planet at this time and to be working to bring all this good energy into this reality.

Listen to the entire 17-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for us concerning the coronavirus and let us know what you feel about it, or ask your own question.

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