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Maria’s Plan for a Great Spiritual Leap

This post is about a question Maria asked after reading a Thought for the Day from The Council titled ‘Everyone In Your Life Was Invited By You‘.

Maria explains her best friend is on his deathbed and she’s experiencing a lot of emotional pain about this. She is asking The Council if it is also with her permission that her friend is exiting her life, because she’s having difficulty understanding why she would agree to ‘loose’ him at this time and in this way.

There is Agreement

“No one comes into your life unless you invite them. Their departing your life is something that they plan along with you, so there is agreement for both of you that when it is time, when you feel you have concluded what you needed to do together, one or both [of you] exit [the physical body].

“And so, although you find this very painful, it has been discussed and planned while you were still in the spirit world.”

—The Council
(The formatting above throughout this post represents The Council’s comments during our session. Text [in brackets] in these quotations has been added to improve readability and clarity when this seems useful.)

A Giant Spiritual Leap Planned Together

I (Bob) asked The Council during our session on Maria’s question if they could shed more light on why she and her friend might have agreed in spirit to go through something that’s so painful for her.

“We see here what they planned – because of their [spiritual] closeness, when the separation would come. It is for her soul. [Her] spirit wanted to take this giant leap to learn how to know that this friend is still there, [that] communication is still possible; feeling him around [and] actually hearing him is possible.

“And so most humans on this realm in the Earth planet do not believe this is possible, and so this is something that they wanted to experience. And so it is the beginning of a new learning pattern that she wanted to experience.

“And so, going through the separation, anxiety, and grief should be understood as part of the emotions that also are being felt… that wanted to be felt and turned around.

“How? By bringing the love of this person to you and to feel it even though this person is no longer there.

“But then as time passes — and [the amount of time is] different with each person — to try through meditation, through sitting quietly, through walking near a lake, under trees, to feel this person with you, to keep the communication going even though you feel he is dead. And by now we hope everyone is starting to learn there is no death, there is just a change in the form that you take.

“And so this is a wonderful giant leap that they decided to experience together, that they would both learn from: experience one on the spirit world and one still here in this incarnation.”

“It is very painful in the beginning, but when you realize there really is no separation, that the closeness will still be there and there will be more love felt, it is a great experience.”

There is Nothing More than You

Maria also asked The Council if gods, or angels, or saints hear her prayers, or when she yells at them in anger.

“When you pray to these gods, or yell at them [and] get angry, these gods were created by you as something to believe in to help you when you feel you cannot do it yourself. And so you pray to something more than you.

“We have a giant surprise here: there is nothing more than you. You are all these gods, you are all these saints, you are all these angels. And yet they are created because of your beliefs. And we will say over and over again: everything that you need, everything that works for you or doesn’t work for you is because of your beliefs.”

You Are an Infinite Being

When I mentioned to The Council that readers may have difficulty accepting their last statement, they replied:

“How can there be something greater than yourself when you are part of god? You are all part of this infinite being that you believe is out there somewhere.

“So as an infinite being you create what you need for each incarnation. And whether you are Hindu, or Catholic, of Buddhist, or Jewish, what you need to believe in is only something you have created to help yourself when you feel you do not have the power to get through whatever it is you are experiencing, that you need help from the outside.

“And all of us here in the spirit worlds are beginning our teachings that the most important thing that you learn is that you are a spirit in the physical body. You are powerful. You can create and do anything that you wish, but it will come when you finally understand who you really are.

“And so these saints and gods that you have created are also part of you. It is all part of your creation, and it is there because you, at one time, felt that you would need this going through this particular lifetime.”

At this point I re-asked Maria’s question about whether spirit is aware of everything we do and say in our physical bodies.

“They are aware, yes.”

Spirit Helps You Create the Assistance You Need

Just to be clear I asked The Council if spirit is totally conscious of everything going in every human being, and they replied:

“Spirit is very clear in the seeing and understanding of what you create, and they are very clear in seeing and understanding when you go through pain. That is why we think you are so courageous to embark on this human life.

“And so we are there to sort of jump in when you need the help, through what you believe in. [If] you believe in gods we will jump in and appear to answer your question as gods, or Jesus, or Moses.

“So we are well aware of what you believe, and how, here in spirit, [we] will help you create the assistance you are seeking. And so we increase our energy to you so that in the midst of something that makes you yell and get angry and mad, we will send more vibration to you to help you through it. And so you will then think, oh, the gods heard me.”

How to Communicate with and Feel Your Friend After He Passes

When I thought we were finished with Maria’s questions, The Council offered the following:

“We advise her to sit quietly as often as she can when her friend leaves his body, and to stay in the memories of this person that made her happy. And in feeling those happy emotions it will create the emotion of love and the energy of love, and in that state she will be able to communicate [with] and feel her friend that has passed on.”

The Influence of Other Lifetimes

During this session we were fortunate to get answers from The Council to questions from two readers. The part of the session on the second question will be described in a soon to be published post. When I finished asking about the second reader’s question it occurred to me to ask The Council if they can offer Maria any information about her other lifetimes that might help her with the difficulty she’s experiencing around the ‘loss’ of her best friend.

“It is very painful for her because in two lives we see here they died together. There was one as young, what you would call American Indians, being captured and killed at the same time.

“There is one in Rome as Christians being, again, captured and dying at the same time… what you consider dying.

“And so these lifetimes effect this one where it is such a shock for her because she is left behind. Is that understood?”

Bob:  “I think so. Are you saying she has a subconscious memory of other lifetimes where…?”

“…of being together and ending each incarnation together. And so in this one it is ending quite differently.”

Sit with the Feeling of Love for Your Friend

Bob:  “Okay. And the intention before they came into this lifetime was to experience one [of them] leaving their body [and] going into spirit to see if they could have the experience of sharing love, one in the human body and one not in the human body?”

“Yes, it was the lifetimes of being in human form together and then being in spirit together [then again] in human form together and spirit together. So now one will be in spirit and one will be in human form and they still want to experience the love and the closeness.”

“We feel if she meditates on this and is able to just sit in the feelings of love, she will begin to understand what we’re saying, but [she will have] understanding in feeling and not just words.”

Some Impressions on This Session

There is Nothing More Than You

Often a session sheds light on a reader’s question by suggesting how The Council’s previously offered guidance can be applied to a questioner’s particular situation. And we particularly enjoy when The Council offers insights on how a questioner’s other lifetimes may be influencing what they are asking about.

But the sessions we probably enjoy most are the ones with guidance that feels like an expansion of The Council’s previous guidance, and as a result we feel a sense of expansion of who we are. The session on Maria’s question feels like one of these.

The Council’s guidance: “There is nothing more than you. You are all these gods, you are all these saints, you are all these angels,” feels like a new level of encouragement to look at our beliefs about a god that is ‘out there,’ something external to who we are, and to be more open to an experience of divinity within ourselves.

For as long as we can remember, The Council’s #1 teaching has been that every human being is spirit in a physical body, and their guidance in Maria’s session that “there is nothing more than you” feels like it gives expanded meaning to this teaching.

Spirit Helps You with the Assistance You Need

The Council’s answer to Maria’s question about whether there are gods, angels, or saints aware of what goes on in our human lives and if they answer our prayers and requests for help also feels like an expansion of previous teachings.

The guidance that what we believe about our ability to receive help from spirit determines how (or whether) we experience that help is an important reminder to look at what we believe and whether our beliefs are supporting our well-being or resisting it.

Spirit Thinks We’re Courageous to Choose Life in a Human Body

If you’re not too familiar with The Council’s teachings you may wonder what they meant when they said, “That is why we think you are so courageous to embark on this human life.” Many of us seem to be under the impression we are here as a punishment, but The Council says each of us is here by choice and desire, without exception.

They say the reason we choose to be here is for the unique opportunity human experience offers to expand the love we are as spirit into a physical reality. The Council says that all spirit is expanding as a result of our human experience, even when it feels painful, because spirit expands when it helps us through our difficulties. It’s a win-win situation.

Parting Words

Thank you, Maria, for your questions. We realize they were prompted by what you are currently experiencing as a painful difficulty in your life at this time, but we hope The Council’s guidance can help you see how your experience can be the beginning of a great spiritual leap that you and your friend intended it to be before you began this lifetime — a spiritual leap that all spirit, including spirit in human bodies, will benefit from.

The choice of you and your friend to experience the expansion of love that The Council described is an inspiration to us and we hope you are able to feel our appreciation and our support for what you intended to accomplish. Feel free from time to time to let us and our readers know how you’re progressing.

Let Us Know What You Think

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  1. Thank you soooooo much.  You have been very responsive to my questions and I’m grateful for that.  Looking forward to reading their answers as well as all your future posts.




    Comment by Jose A. Chavez | March 31, 2013

  2. Jose,

    We did a session today and got answers from The Council for all four of your questions. We’ll publish a post on the session as soon as we can.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | March 30, 2013

  3. Jose,

    Your Question #4 is probably one that many people wonder about. Have you considered that your willingness to believe most or all people fail at remembering who they are as a spiritual being may be distracting you from “iron clad clues” that you, as spirit, are continually offering you? Have you heard the expression that your attention to what you don’t want makes it more active in your reality?

    Try letting your awareness of what you don’t want, help you become more aware of what you do want, and then practice letting your attention and your feelings shift in the direction of what’s wanted. If you’re right about what ‘most people’ are experience, then I’d say the answer to your question is that ‘most people’ are probably paying more attention to what they don’t want or have than what they do want.

    Hope this helps. Thanks again for your questions. We wouldn’t be surprised if The Council offers some additional input that finds it’s way into a post.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | March 30, 2013

  4. Hi Jose,

    In this comment we’ll do our best to shed some light on your Question #3.

    It sounds like maybe you believe that spirit experiences human material poverty similar to the way you as a human being might experience poverty. The Council teaches us that spirit sees all experiences of human lack, including material poverty, as opportunities to further expand the love of spirit into a less loving reality.

    Are you saying you believe all the lessons of living a life of material poverty have already been learned by spirit and that there are no more reasons for spirit to have this experience?


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | March 29, 2013

  5. Dearest Maria,

    We are thrilled to hear you are so moved by The Council’s guidance and that you’re experiencing your friend as doing better. You are a wonderful example to us and to other readers of how much of a difference spiritual guidance can make in your life when you allow yourself to be open to it. We encourage you to remember The Council’s advice to frequently sit quietly and practice feeling the love you share with your friend.

    We’re very impressed with your depth of understanding of The Council’s guidance that spirit communicates with you according to your own beliefs, and not according to anyone else’s beliefs about how to communicate with god, angels, saints, etc. Likewise with your understanding of The Council’s comment about the courage of everyone in spirit who chooses to experience physical life in a human body, and particularly about your understanding of how spirit expands and benefits from experience in a physical reality. This sounds like additional spiritual leaps, and your description of the new feelings you’re experiencing seems to support this.

    We’d love for you to keep us and other readers informed about your spiritual leaps, particularly as they relate to The Council’s guidance. And we love that you feel like you’ve made friends, although from a spiritual perspective we and The Council are ‘new’ friends. And then there are the other ‘friends’ who will read what you’ve courageously shared in this blog and will experience their own spiritual expansion as a result of your example.
    Thank you again, Maria, for your question and the expansion so many will have an opportunity to experience as a result.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | March 27, 2013

  6. Dear Cynthia and Bob, and Honourable Council,

    Thank you so much for your post and the beautiful messages that it carries with it. I was in tears when I read it. My friend is actually doing better, but I don’t know if it’s just for a little while or if he will stay in his current incarnation for several more human years. But either way, now with the guidance and advice from the Council, I can feel that I am calmer regarding my thought of “losing” him. Knowing that there is a higher purpose and that we have agreed to experience love between us while on of us is in spirit and the other is still in his / her earthly incarnation has a calming effect on me. I know that if he leaves before me that I would still be able to communicate with him by following the advice of the Council.

    I love how I “make” the Gods, angels, saints etc., in the sense that they hear me and then understand that for me to feel like I’ve been heard they must respond according to what my beliefs are. I find it quite liberating that I don’t have to speak to Spirit by a specific name or in a specific, strict manner, but can jus speak to the Spirit from my heart, in thought, and that I then too am able to manifest it myself, with Spirit’s help according to what I believe. It makes me feel much more strong, powerful and responsible for myself, my thoughts, my beliefs, my actions and words, then I have felt before. I thank the Council for that wonderful guidance, and I thank Cynthia and Bob for making it possible for world to be taught these wonderful ways.

    With the pains and joys we feel in our human incarnations before remembering who we really are, I think I understand why the Council call us courageous, because I takes courage to know that it will be, or can be, a painful experience and yet still be willing to do it for the greater benefit of learning and growing…and that growth benefits all of Spirit, correct?

    If I may, I would like to come back to you once in a while regarding my planned great spiritual leap; it feels like I have made new friends, so please excuse me if I am incorrect. Once again, thank you to the Honourable Council for their loving and generous advice, and to Cynthia & Bob for taking the time to ask my questions to the Council.


    Comment by Maria | March 27, 2013

  7. Jose,
    Before asking The Council the rest of your questions, we’d like to try answering them ourselves based on our understanding of The Council’s teachings. If we’re not able to provide satisfying answers, then maybe we can get clarification from The Council. In this comment we’ll try to answer your Question #1.

    As you already mentioned in your Question #2 and we agreed, from a spiritual point of view there is no “prior to the incarnation” because from this point of view there isn’t any past, present, or future — only simultaneous experience. If Maria and her friend’s spiritual intention is to experience the expansion of their love by Maria remaining in a physical body and her friend leaving his physical body (which is our impression of what The Council said during the session), then this is where we would expect their godly (i.e., spiritual) power to be focused.

    Maria’s human desire may be to manifest a new reality of survival and togetherness with her friend in this lifetime, but we would say her human desire is more closely related to human power than godly power. We would say the godly power you mention is more closely related to their intention as spiritual beings, not human beings.

    When Maria’s human desires are in harmony with her spiritual intentions, we expect she’ll experience powerful, godly manifestations in her life. As far as free will in this incarnation is concerned, it’s our understanding that Maria has complete free will as a human being to choose what is in harmony with the larger part of her (her spiritual being) or to resist what is in harmony with spirit, and have that experience.

    We hope this has been helpful. It has been fun and quite uplifting to think about this question and we thank you for that. We look forward to addressing your remaining questions when time allows. Blessings.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | March 27, 2013

  8. Yes, you are right, the question about reincarnation was not in relation to Maria’s question.  Also, thank you so much for addressing this question and for asking the others to The Council.

    All the best,




    Comment by Jose A. Chavez | March 26, 2013

  9. Hi Jose,
    Thank you for your thought-provoking questions. We look forward to answering them when we finish working on our next blog post, but we think we can give you a quick answer here to #2.

    We don’t believe there are any references to past lives in the post on Maria’s question. Perhaps you are referring to other posts. Your understanding that past, present, and future exist at the same time is in agreement with what The Council is teaching us. For this reason we do our best to refer to other lifetimes rather than past lifetimes. The older a post is, them more likely you will find references to past lives because we weren’t as comfortable then emphasizing this fascinating idea.

    We notice The Council will still refer to past lives in recent sessions. We understand this to be contextual. They are usually responding to a reader’s question and if the questioner is likely to understand a reference to past lives and be confused about a reference to other lives, the The Council seem perfectly comfortable not standing on ceremony and uses whatever terminology they feel will best communicate an answer to the question that’s been asked.

    We hope this helps until we can address your more involved questions.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | March 26, 2013

  10. Hi Jan,
    We agree with you about a feeling of increased expansion in The Council’s guidance recently, particularly in the recent session we did for Maria’s question. This session also answered a question from Tanya and the post we’re working on for Tanya’s question feels to us like a continuation of this recent expansion.

    There even seems to be a feeling of expansion in the questions, including yours (click here for Jan’s recent question, click here for the post that answers her question); and a series of thought-provoking questions from Jose, which we’re looking forward to answering.

    One of the things we feel we’re learning recently is that it feels better to think spirit is easily within reach of everyone than it is a big stretch. If we’re truly going to accept responsibility for all that happens, we suppose that also makes us responsible for creating an environment where it’s easier to blame, as well as responsible for creating an environment were it’s becoming easier to feel appreciation for what we don’t want because it helps us feel more in touch with what we do want to create.

    In the post on Maria’s question it feels like The Council is encouraging us to open to the possibility that each of our hands is God’s hand.

    Thanks a bunch for your insights and for staying in touch. It’s a pleasant reminder of the feeling of expansion we experience when we think about the plans you and Will made to explore telepathic communication. Knowing readers like you are paying attention to this blog inspires us to really put our heart into it. Thank you for that. We’ll do our best to get the post on Tanya’s question published as soon as we can. Blessings.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | March 25, 2013

  11. It feels to me, after reading this post and some other recent messages from The Council, that we are being shown some massive leaps in understanding. The idea that there is nothing more than us makes deep sense to me, but it’s a huge stretch for people to let go of their gods and angels and see themselves as being responsible for all that happens. So much easier to blame god/karma/fate etc! Feels like we’re being asked to grow up and let go of ‘God the Father’s’ hand…


    Comment by janonlife | March 25, 2013

  12. Thank you for the posts, I enjoy them very much. I have a couple of questions, perhaps based on my own misunderstand, that I would appreciate a bit more clarification:

    1) In the case of what was shared in “Maria’s Plan for a Spiritual Leap”, it appears that the spiritual agreement made prior to the incarnation is more powerful than Maria or her friend’s “godly” power to manifest a new reality of survival and togetherness in this lifetime, as if there is no free will in this incarnation.

    2) Why is there a reference to past lives? It has been mentioned here that past, present and future all exist at the same time and therefore a past life is nothing else than “tuning in” to the one consciousness and remembering “a life” or being in vibration with a “particular life”.

    3) Why would I as the One Consciousness seek expansion in incarnating as millions of people living in shanty towns in Brazil and all countries around the world through multiple decades? Isn’t one generation good enough? Isn’t it time to move on as all the lessons in that kind of environment have been learned?

    4) If we come to this incarnation to have fun and “remember” who we really are, why do most people if not all, fail at this attempt? If we are that powerful as spirits, why don’t we leave ourselves iron clad clues of who we are so we can retake our power during this incarnation instead of being collective sheep following false idols while being subjected to the powerful few?

    Thank you.



    Comment by Jose | March 24, 2013

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