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Help Me With My 3-Year Relationship With A Lying Drug Addict

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Carovana.

Carovana: I’m in a 3-year relationship with a drug addict, but the real problem is that he constantly lies.

Council: What have you learned about this drug addict and his lying? How do you handle this? Are you trying to change this person? You can’t do that. Can you be more understanding? Yes, you can understand, but there’s a time when you need to just watch this person and let them be who they are and then decide what you’ll do with this knowledge.

Carovana: He wants to appear different from what he really is, what he really does, and what he thinks. He twists facts and reality for his own benefit, and no matter how smart I am, he continues to try and deceive me.

Council: Are you tiring yourself out by trying to show this person you’re really smart and you know what he’s doing? We’d suggest you just let this person be, and then decide if you want to be around him. That’s all. You won’t change this person.

Carovana: I developed panic attacks due to the frequent state of restlessness and anxiety in which I’m thrown by his behavior, and we constantly fight. He doesn’t act this way solely to cover his drug abuse. His game spreads much wider and deeper. He’s also obscenely incoherent. His words go South and his actions go North.

Council: You can stay with this man if you can understand how he is and not believe what he says. Offer love and understanding. But to be in the relationship and saying to yourself, “I must show him that I know what’s going on, I must show him that I’m smart,” that’s not the purpose of this relationship.

The purpose of this relationship is to allow someone to be. It’s for you to allow others, and not just this person, but look at the years when you were growing up with your friends and family. Did you allow them just to be and then learn from it? And did this allow you to be just as you want to be, being in a place of love and peacefulness? Can you do that for yourself?

This was your mission, so to speak, in your current lifetime. Just to accept everyone and what they’re doing, and sending love and light to them to help them grow. But not to forcefully try to show them, “I know what you’re doing. You can’t fool me,” and tire yourself out. It’s just the purpose of being there, and most of all, just being yourself. That’s what this relationship is supposed to teach you.

When you see that someone is really one way and pretending to be another, do you do that? Do you do that to please people and to have them think of you differently? It’s a mirror effect. And so we say, just allow.

Carovana: The reason I stayed in this relationship so long is that another side of him, very prominent, is that he’s incredibly loving and sweet. He chose me as the woman of his life, tells me I’m the woman of his dreams, and is extremely attached and devoted to me. It’s almost morbid. This makes it really difficult to break up with him and in fact, all my attempts have failed. I’m also in a very lonely phase of my life so I lack the social support and the favorable environment that would make it easier to move on.

I can’t explain or comprehend this duality in him. He lost his mother when he was nine years old, but it’s not a good excuse to act this way now that he’s 36 years old. I hope The Council can shed some light on him, on us, and on me. I’d be very thankful.

Council: There are lessons for this man to learn, starting with his childhood and moving into adulthood. Not feeling safe enough for him to be who he really wants to be, he doesn’t know how, the role model wasn’t there, and the understanding of just being wasn’t there. Instead he chose to pretend because there’s no acceptance of himself.

With you there, if you can accept this man the way he is, you are the role model. You’re the role model by setting your boundaries, by not believing everything that’s said, but by understanding that everything that’s said is out of fear and nonacceptance of yourself. Once you can do that and not knock yourself out to understand it or change this person, it will change, because now you’re looking at it differently. And when you look at something differently, it will change.

See the relationship the way you want it to be. First concentrate on yourself. Accept yourself, and then look around you, and not at just this person, but others that come in and out of your life. And when you learn you have choices, you have the ability to bring into your life what you want. When you focus on that, it must happen.

Listen to the entire 7-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Carovana and the rest of us, and let us know what you feel about it. You can ask The Council your own question by typing it into one of the Comment boxes that appear at the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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Does a Past Life Explain Why I Can’t Make Friends?

This post answers questions for The Council from an anonymous reader who’s 22 years old and says, Since I was small I never seemed to have any solid friends or long-term friendships. They always seem to end in either dramatic ways or simply letting each other go one day and never speaking again.

The Council says they see a particular past life where a similar situation was experienced because Anonymous never behaved how you truly felt. You behaved as if you were being of service. There was no true friendship. You tried to make and keep friends by serving and doing everything for these people. You changed your personality and were the way you thought these people expected you to be.

In your current life it’s quite different. What you’re doing in this life isn’t serving as much as being of service to these other people. What you’re experiencing and what you planned to do was to be in communication and in a relationship with these different people, but to be in a way that would annoy them and have them find fault with you and pull away.

What you volunteered to do was to teach these people how to respond to others who aren’t exactly the way they want these people to be. In your current life you offered to help others, to be of service again, but just by being yourself and to have traits that these other people weren’t interested in.

What you set up was, at a very early age to somehow feel that you weren’t worthy to have friends. You set this up at an early age so that as you grew, you created relationships where you didn’t feel wanted and you experienced this by family and other people pulling away.

As you move forward, what needs to be done for you to change this pattern is to be who you truly are, but take the focus off yourself and show true interest in other people. Ask other people about themselves. Listen to what they have to say. When you show interest in others, that energy will come back to you and you’ll find others who now want to be with you and be interested in who you are.

This was a big challenge you set up. All these people that dropped out of your life,  how they handle it and how they learn from it is a lesson for them. It’s not your concern how they learn from this situation. You did your part by trying to teach these people to be different, to accept how they were, and to see you for who you really are. It was you helping many souls.

Anonymous says, I always wracked my brain why I can’t make friends because most of the time, especially since I was around 16 years old, I’ve tried my hardest to be a good friend and fit in. The Council says don’t try to fit in. Be yourself and focus attention on truly learning and being interested in other people.

Anonymous says, In high school I thought once I got to college where I could be with a new group of people and have space away from my parents, I’d surely be able to make tons of friends. But the same cycle continued and now I’m about to graduate. Currently I feel I have two true friends, my fiancé and my mother. I’ve also always butted heads with family members and in certain periods of my life I didn’t speak to one or both of my parents. I’m aware that when I was little my parents would sometimes say tell me I was unlikeable, but my current situation seems bigger than just a self-fulfilling prophecy. It feels like this is something I’m meant to overcome as part of my life purpose, but for a reason I don’t understand. Do I have a past life that could help explain why I feel, at the root of my soul, like an unlikeable outcast?

The Council asks you to connect the past life they mentioned earlier in the session to now. Decide you’ve done enough from that past life and you wish to have a new path in your current life where you truly appreciate yourself, don’t try to fit in, and be your true self. When you do, you’ll bring into your life the kind of people that are also able to appreciate you. Fitting in is what you did in this past life.

When you act one way because a person likes you that way, and another person likes you another way so you behave in that way, you are not being yourself. You’re being who you think these other people want you to be. Be yourself. Be kind. Be compassionate. Focus on positive thoughts. Be interested in what people are doing. Share your stories and you’ll see a difference.

Listen to the entire 8-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Anonymous and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it. Or you can ask The Council your own question by typing it into one of the Comment boxes that appear at the bottom of most of our blog pages.

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