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Will I Have A Child With My Current Partner?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Sofia.

Sofia: I have a partner for one year now and really want to have a baby very badly. He has some financial difficulties (debts and bankruptcy of his company), and he’s working on solving these issues and getting stable. He says he also wants a baby after he’s financially stable. Then we can start planning for the baby and marriage. He has an eight-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

In the beginning of our relationship, I got pregnant. Because of the situation, we didn’t continue the pregnancy. Of course, it was a difficult decision for me, as I’m ready, I have quite a good job, and an apartment, but I also want my partner to be ready for a child as well as myself.

My question is: Will I have a child with this partner?

Council: What we see here is that this can happen. Of course, we’d ask you to go into vibration, into a higher loving state of joy, and use the images to keep seeing that. But we would say to you, is this really what you want at this time? If someone else was to come along and you can create a baby with this new person, would you leave your current partner and go with the new one? We would not want you to go without a baby because you’re waiting for someone else to be ready.

And so we’d say discussion is needed on this. Does your current partner use images? Does your current partner want a baby as much as you do? You can move forward and have a child without your current partner being financially ready. And so if it’s something that you really want, it should be addressed. But we’d say to watch this for a while and see how you feel with the answers you’re getting when you talk with your partner about having children.

We do see in your current life, one way or another, you will create a child, and it’s all up to you. If you want a child with your current partner, then you must do the inner work. There’s nothing you can not have. And so be open to this. Be open to having conversations about children, about debt, and finances, and how you’ll handle your situation. You’ll see, by the answers you get, how you truly feel. It doesn’t have to be your current partner, and yet it can be if that’s what you want. It’s all up to you. You are the creator.

The lesson here is for you to be aware. Become aware of what you want, what your desire is, and do the work for it to happen. Be aware of what your partner wants. And that at a certain time, no matter what, you will have the child whether he’s ready or not. Be aware of the answers and you’ll learn about yourself, you will learn about your partner, and you’ll go forward and create what’s needed in your life to fill your desire.

Sofia: Can I do something for my partner so he can get stable with his finances more quickly?

Council: You can’t create for your partner. But you can, in your imagery, see it happening, see him getting a better job, getting more money, and doing anything where he’s able to pay off his debts. You can do that from your end, but your partner must do it from his end. So you can’t create for your partner, but you can create the energy to have what it is that you want in your life.

So when you create about your partner being in better situation financially, what you’re doing is creating that situation so you can have the child that you want. And so you’re both there for each other. So just use the imagery, use the feeling over and over again, things are moving forward and you’re able to have this child.

Sofia: I’m thinking about getting pregnant every day and every minute. It’s always on my mind. The feeling is so strong.

Council: But don’t think about having this child from a place of doubt. Do not think, I want this child, and I can’t have it now. Do not think, I want this child so bad, but it’s not happening. That will not create what you want.

So think of it every day as: How wonderful. I’m so excited to have this child. I’m preparing a life for this child. I can’t wait for it to happen. I’m so lucky. I’m so happy. That’s how you create. Do not create from doubt or from fear.

Sofia: Does this waiting have a purpose for me?

Council: The purpose is for you to learn about yourself, to learn about what is important to you, to learn about this man in your life, And so the waiting is fine. But we’d say, while you’re waiting, create in vibration. See it, feel it, and you will bring it forward.

Sofia: What can I take from this situation? I don’t feel much purpose at work, and in other things I enjoyed before. I just feel that the time has come for me to be a mom, and a wife, and focus on family for some time.

Council: And so if you’re not happy in your work, you can change what you do for work so that you feel better somewhere new. If what you want is to be a mom, then change how you think about your job, and think of it as, this job is giving me the ability to have money to move forward and have this child. This job is helping me to get everything together that I need to welcome this child into my life. So forget the thoughts of not wanting to be at your job and wanting to be a mom, because that’s coming from the negative.

And so we send you all blessings. And remember to have fun on this journey that you have created for yourself, and to have fun with the spirits around you that you have welcomed into your life. And always, always show kindness, and love, and compassion.

Listen to the 8-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Sofia and the rest of us, and let us know what you feel about it. You can also ask The Council your own question by typing it into one of the Comment boxes that appear at the bottom of most of our blog pages, and we’ll get to it as soon as we can.

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How Can I Help My Children?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, StrugglingMom, after she read our post, Is My Life Purpose to Save My Husband from Himself? StrugglingMom says, this post sparked a question about whether my purpose is to help my children, especially my oldest son, and to ask how I can do that.

The Council says your life purpose is all about you, not about saving other people. When you agreed to have these spirits come into this world through you, you agreed to allow them to come in to create the kind of reality they want. They already have in mind the lessons they want to learn, the challenges they want to work through, and if they want to be of help to other people. This is all set up within that spirit. Your purpose is to allow these spirits to come in and then let go and watch what they’re creating.

If there’s a way you can guide them to make their way a little easier, this is helpful, but your purpose isn’t to save your children from whatever they go through or to change whatever you think they’re going through. Your purpose is to give your children love and support in the gentlest way you know.

StrugglingMom asks, do my children and I share any past lives or lessons to learn because we have a difficult relationship and I’m struggling to be the mother my children need. The Council says one of the lessons here is about abandonment, which is what you and your oldest son experienced in another lifetime. In your current life you agreed to be together and work with each other through the difficult times you’re experiencing and not to abandon each other.

Look at what your oldest son is going through and find a way to have discussions with him. Give him guidance on how you think there might be an easier way to go through what he’s experiencing. Discuss what you think and the challenges you’ve gone through and how you worked through these challenges. It’s by your example and by teaching your son what you did to get through your experiences that give him a basis for how to work through his own stuff.

A lot of these children that are difficult and don’t follow rules are very advanced and want to grow up and make their own rules and change things. And they want to do this quickly. Sometimes these children are called Indigo Children because they know they have lots to do in their future, but they’re confused right now with the challenge of growing up under their parent’s rules.

You don’t need to let your son do whatever he wants if you believe it’s unsafe or mean. You can explain another way he can accomplish what he wants. The more discussion you have with your son, the better it will be. Discussion can help things turn around quickly. And by discussion we mean talking about each other and to each other, but not in a way your son is likely to experience as nagging.

Your purpose with your son is to listen to him, be supportive, and not get to the point where you’re so upset you do nothing and conversation stops. This is a form of abandonment. Your son wanted to learn how to be himself, whatever he chose to be in this life. No matter how he chose to be, you would be allowing and accepting, guiding him gently another way, not through punishment or abandonment, but through listening and relating back and forth.

The Council says StrugglingMom and her oldest son shared a past life together as brothers who had no family and they both felt abandoned. In his current lifetime your son wants to work through his abandonment issues and he wanted to have parents that were there to guide him.

StrugglingMom says, I don’t know whether to push him or just let him fail when he refuses to go to school or do schoolwork. Do I punish him and force control? Or do I just let him be, which makes me feel guilty because I feel like I’m taking the easy way out and not being his mother?

The Council says StrugglingMom’s guilt serves no purpose. As a parent you realize there are school requirements that need to be met. As your son moves through school even though he’s not interested in it, discuss with him why it must be done. When he goes to school or does his schoolwork you should praise him and this will give him more motivation to continue.

If your son’s path is difficult because this is what he’s creating, and if he fails and you know in good conscience that you’ve tried to put him on a path you feel has advantages, then his wanting to fail is part of what his spirit wants to experience. Your role is to do what you can as a parent to explain how your son’s education is something he needs to do to improve himself for when he grows up. If you can do this then you’re not abandoning him. If you throw your hands up and say I give up, and your son fails, your son will experience abandonment again. What your son hopes for, no matter what, is you don’t abandon him.

You can help your son heal his abandonment issues through patience and communication, and talking about yourself and what you’ve gone through. Talk about how it’s difficult to see your son not trying. And talking about how you’ll be there no matter what road he picks, whether he tries or whether he fails This will help.

Once your son understands you’re there for him no matter whether he succeeds or fails, instead of having to continue going through the lesson of abandonment, that lesson will be changed because you’re letting your son be the way he needs to be. In accepting and allowing your son, you also allow his lessons to change and allow him to heal.

By StrugglingMom agreeing to be part of these abandonment issues, if her son fails, how will this affect her? What does that bring up for her? There are also abandonment issues StugglingMom wants to learn about. StrugglingMom and her oldest son are handling abandonment in different ways. It’s like different ends of the same stick. The son at one end doesn’t want to be abandoned even though it’s a difficult situation. He wants to see what his mother will do.

On the other side of the stick is StrugglingMom. She doesn’t want to throw her hands up and give up, but at times she feels like it’s no use. Does she give up? Does she abandon her son? Both are facing issues of abandonment and they’re trying to help each other through these issues.

The Council says one of the hardest parts of being a parent is to allow these spirits to come in and then feel responsible for how their child creates its life. You are supposed to bring the child in and then allow it to be whatever it needs to be, and to be there for your child as they go through whatever issues they’re trying to work through.

Listen to the entire 11-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for StrugglingMom and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it, or ask The Council your own question.

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Is There a Lesson in a Friendship with an Old Flame?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader who goes by the initials, PE, who says she confessed her love to a friend a few years ago, but the friend didn’t feel the same way and PE was heartbroken and embarrassed. PE and her friend became distant after this and she let go of her pain over the embarrassment.

Recently this old flame came back into PE’s life and he wants to reignite their friendship by PE spending time with him and his new girlfriend. But when PE spends time with this couple she ends up feeling sad and doesn’t know why. She let go of the feelings she had for this guy and she’s not interested in him romantically any more. PE asks The Council if there’s a purpose or a lesson for her from this situation?

The Council sees PE and the guy she liked planned in spirit before they were born, to be together in this lifetime, but it was also planned if they were unable to find a way to be together romantically, they would at least be friends and be in each other’s life.

If PE is sad when she’s with this guy and his new girlfriend, the best she can do at this point is wish them well, accept the situation, and then take these good wishes into herself so she’s able to find her own partner. As you can be happy for this couple, that happiness will come back to you. If you’re unable to be with this couple for a while, find a way to get comfortable with this, but know that on a soul level you and this guy planned to be in each other’s lives, even if not romantically.

It’s PE’s choice to take the relationship in whatever direction she wants. He found a way to bridge the distance that was created previously and ask for a friendship. He’s following that part of their soul agreement, even if he’s consciously not aware of it. Now it’s up to PE to see what direction she wants to take her life. The Council adds if PE isn’t able to be a friend with this man in this lifetime, they can promise her she’ll have other opportunities in other lifetimes until they work out the relationship.

The Council says when you’re able to change how you see your situation and realize there’s another option that you both chose in spirit, perhaps you’ll feel differently. PE can feel good about telling her friend she loved him because she was following the original agreement. But because you and your friend have free will, it doesn’t always mean what you planned in spirit will come together easily. So you planned another way, which was to remain in each other’s lives, but as friends. Can you get to the place where you’re able to be friends with this man? If not, why?

As difficult as it may be, wish this guy and his new girlfriend well. Send them love. If you don’t feel it, fake it until you can make it happen. When you can truly feel happiness for them, your life will change. The feelings you have will affect your life, not theirs. Work toward feelings of forgiveness for him, for yourself, and for plans that didn’t work out. And know that you made a back-up plan which you still have a chance to follow. And if you’re unable to follow your back-up plan, you’ll be able to do it again in another lifetime.

Listen to the entire 9-minute audio recording of our session with The Council to hear all their guidance for PE and the rest of us, and let us know what you feel about it.

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